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Myocardiodystrophy Print

Myocardiodystrophy represents a noninflammatory pathology of the myocardium with different etiology, and characterized through metabolic and energetic disorders in myocardium, manifested by morning cardiac pain, which is not stopped with nitroglycerine, and becomes more intense after alcohol consumption; dyspnea, rhythm disturbances, diverse grades of cardiac failure.

- Toxic action on myocardium – endogenous intoxication (uremia, hepatic coma),
      -     Intoxication with alcohol and other household and industrial toxic substances
- Diverse forms of obesity
- Endocrine diseases (toxic goitre, hypothyreosis, acromegaly, diabetes mellitus etc.)
- acute and chronic infections
- congenital neuro-muscular pathologies (myasthenia, myodystrophies)
- neurogenic dysfunctions, neurovascular dystony
- electrolytic balance impairment of diverse genesis

Regardless of etiology, the development of myocardiodystrophy is based on the following mechanisms:
- activation of sympathoadrenal system leads to increased myocardial necessities in oxygen
- impaired relaxation of muscular fibers leads to disturbed oxidation processes and decreased oxygen utilization with proteases’ activation
- accumulation of free radicals activates the destructive lysosomal mechanism
Examinations performed in CALMED Medical Center:
- ECG, Phonocardiogram, Echocardiography, Veloergometry
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