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 The rooms for consultations and paraclinical examinations are equipped with electrocardiograph, colposcope and a unique device in Moldova  - the digital ultrasonic system General Electric Logiq 500 pro (USA), the sensors of which (5) make it possible to perform the ultrasonic examination in the field of cardiology, gastrology, gynecology, urology, rheumatology, endocrinology, mammology, neurology, pediatrics, doplerography of vessels. The device is endowed with all types of Doppler (including Duplex Doppler) and a variety of topographic maps; it allows an ultrasonic control over taking biopsy, hydrotubation, punctures of different pathologic formations.

Use by the Medical Center CALMED of the laparoscopic equipment Econt 2002 with the unique in Moldova set of the laparoscopic instruments allows a wide application of all possibilities of the modern surgery. The advantages of the laparoscope Econt 2002 (use of the state-of-the-art microelectronic technologies, digital processing of video signal, automatic control of sensitivity to the illumination level, balance of the white color) provide an irreproachable image.

A large variety of surgical interventions are performed in our clinic with the help of the surgical laser Luxar operating on the basis of CO2, the advantage of which is the delivery of the laser beam with short pulsations and great maximal force. Photodistructive effect of the laser on the tissue significantly exceeds its photothermal effect. Thus, the laser is ideal for procedures that require minimal thermal influence over the tissues and maximization of the level of their destruction.

 Laboratory research: use of the ACCES system for the immune-enzyme analysis allows effecting researches under the conditions of maximal reliability and obtaining precise results. Application of the analyzer IMMULETE DPC (USA) that uses the reaction of the intense enzymatic immunofluorescence, allows significantly expanding the lower level of analysis sensitivity as compared to the normal immunofluorescence.
Our Ambulance Service 1413 works round the clock. Reanimobiles Mercedes-Benz equipped with the advanced technology for resuscitation and support of vital functions, are always ready to drive to you wherever you are – in Moldova or abroad.

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